Automated data migration and management for hybrid cloud environments
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We are the original enterprise cloud storage gateway, but we have always been more. Storfirst Gateway provides a seamless transition to modern, cloud-as-a-tier storage infrastructures. Our software is the first cloud integrated file system designed to help businesses evolve with built-in data migration features. Storfirst’s migrate and management capabilities help companies quickly move from siloed legacy storage to CIFS/SMB/NFS enabled cloud-as-a-tier environments.


Adaptable: Offers the markets broadest range of support for local and cloud storage platforms – along with unmatched flexibility as storage requirements evolve.

Scalable: Growth is limitless with a file system that delivers Exabyte-level growth with support for billions of files and directories.

Accessible: On-demand access to the cloud with support of a local cache or Tier-1 storage, ensuring critical data is always available.

Secure: Self protecting architecture includes encryption, file locking, retention and lifespan policies to ensure data preservation and long-term compliance.

Migration: Eliminate costly professional services and time consuming rip/replace upgrades with software-driven, highly automated data migration technology.


  • Supports all major cloud storage providers and existing on premise storage including: NAS, AFA, object, REST, CAS, and Tape/VTL.
  • Presents unified storage as SMB3 and/or NFS, establishing a standard communication path between applications and storage.
  • Provides automated data archiving and access across local storage and cloud storage infrastructures.
  • Ensures high availability with built-in replication intelligence across tiers offering immediate access regardless of storage type or location.
  • Trusted advanced security with immutability, ransomware protection, encryption, retention and Active Directory support.
  • Easily migrates data from legacy storage to new storage platforms with SmartSynch technology.
  • Presents file system interface for immediate access to Pure Storage Flashblade, Amazon S3, DellEMC ECS, Microsoft Azure, Iron Mountain Cloud, Western Digital ActiveScale and more.
Storfirst Gateway: The storage file system designed to virtualize, migrate, and manage IT's growing archives
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